I am reading the book The Mountain Is You and I just want to say, READ IT. I  I have never read a book that was so immediately impactful like this one but it is making me think about things in an honest way. It doesn't feel great but the work feels important and beautiful and necessary. A quote that I've been thinking about from the book is

"When you are clear on what your principles are, you can build your life from a genuine and healthy place. You can start working toward goals that support what you do and do not want to experience, that will make you the calmest and happiest version of yourself. A good life is built from the inside out and is based on a foundation of self-conduct and prioritization. It is not as dreamy as a vision board, but it's alot more effective."

It's made me think about the times where my goals were within my reach but my motivations were misguided and when success was not living up to my ideals, I sabotaged the progress. I think it is not easy to change those ideals or motivations but I feel better equipped now than I ever was before and that's really cool.

I have been really in my head this week because of the book but it feels like new content up there so maybe that is good.<3

"Your life is ultimately measured by your outcomes, not your intentions. It is not about what you wanted to do or would have done but didn’t have the time. It’s not about why you thought you couldn’t; it’s just whether or not you eventually did."