I've been on two bad dates in my life:

I went on this date with a guy named Tim from my college...Before we got our food but after we ordered, I spilled my water (towards his direction).

He stood up, said “YOU BITCHHHH” and stormed out. That was it. I didn’t laugh when I spilled it and I didn’t do it on purpose. I couldn’t leave because we drove to the restaurant together and the food was already ordered.

I called someone and she came to get me. We ate the food and someone at the restaurant felt so bad they paid for the meal. I’ve always wondered why he reacted that way. But in the end, bullet dodged.

On my other bad date (4 or 5 years ago) I went on a date with a guy named Craig. As soon as we sat down, he extremely loudly said "Well Melissa, I just want you to know I'll be paying for this date!" - like the whole restaurant could hear it. It was pretty embarrassing but I wrote it off as nerves.

He talked soley about water filtration systems (his line of work), while frequently stopping to check his phone....like very very frequently.

I kept changing the subject but this dude literally just wanted to talk about water or something because he kept bringing it back.

Around the 5th stretch of awkwardly doing nothing while he checked his phone I told myself I'd leave if he checked it again. He checked it again, so I left.

He texted quite some time later and said "are you in the bathroom or something" and I said "no, I left when you were on your phone..."

He asked for a second date and even though I wanted to ask how he possibly thought that was going to happen after the first date went so poorly, instead I politely declined.