I've made 4 quilt tops but only recently moved onto the process of finishing my first quilt.

The steps include:

Making a quilt top. Before I started my first quilt, & I felt overwhelmed with how complicated everything seemed. It's like doing a giant puzzle. Even messing up by 1/8th can throw the entire design off.

Sandwiching the quilt with the backing & batting. Every woman and man on Youtube starts their tutorials with "this will be your least favorite part". It doesn't seem so bad until you do it and then it makes you never want to quilt again. The basting glue is sticky & since I didnt have a a hard floor big enough to do the layering i had to use my wall, which tons of people say is easier but my arms were sore for days.

Sewing designs in the quilt top to give it texture. It is really hard to manage all the fabric and without wrinkling it or letting the fabric shift too much. Many of the women on Youtube talk about bonding with the quilt and not I understand it. It's really meditative & takes so much time and care. I've spent about 3 hours and I only have about a quarter of the design quilted.

I've been given a few quilts in my life and never showed them the respect they deserve.  So much love and attention goes into each step.

I hope to finish my quilt by the end of April. Then my New Year's Resolution will be complete.

But I'll have 3 more to quilt.