Last weekend I went out to meet my friends. I was in a really good mood - got some good news and I was excited to see them since I hadn’t seen them in a while because I’d been out of town. My friend started this social group about a year ago. I’ve known him for a while - he used to date my friend but I’m not friends with her anymore and he doesn’t date her now. Anyway, the group has grown in a year and we hang out every week and go on trips together. I don’t meet up as often cuz I moved farther away and am also pretty busy most of the time but since I’ve been back I’ve been trying to go out more and socialize.

I was excited to see them. I actually went to dinner with another friend then went to where they were. I didn’t tell them I was coming. It was a great surprise and we all hung out for a while at this bar that turns into a club after a certain point. A DJ came on and we were all dancing - it was super fun. We convinced one of our friends to come who was on the fence. He’s usually at the functions but wasn’t sure he wanted to come out. But he did and we were going to spaz out when he walked in. Only he didn’t because they started checking IDs at the door and also asking for VAX CARDS.

He called one of us to let us know what was going on. We went out to talk to him and this chick out front wasn’t letting him in so I said, “WE’RE LEAVING” and we all were standing out there while our friend closed his tab. While we were standing there we basically harassed the door lady. We let her know that we’ve been in there the whole time with no vax - no problem. She was just saying how it’s the rules or whatever. It got pretty heated. My friend thinks with a little finessing she would have let him in but I really don’t think so.

Once our friend closed his tab we all walked away I yelled, “THE VAX RUINS GIRLS' PUSSIES!” at a whole line of people waiting to get it. This was in Santa Monica - definitely a worse area for this as there are a lot of places you can go where they don’t check. I also live in an area now where there’s never been a vax mandate. Anyway, we decide to go to Venice and see if we can get in somewhere there.

So, we pull up to a spot in Venice and already one of us had checked and they were asking for cards. A bunch of people were in line - all 20 something liberal trendy types. One of my friends, drunk, starts ranting at the line about vaccine mandates. This one guy in the line seems to get inspired and goes up to him and says “Yeah, you know what? I agree with you.” He was excited. These two girls in line look at me and go, “Wait, you’re not vaccinated?” I look at her with intensity and say “Ew, no! That’s disgusting!” (No offense to anyone reading this who is vaxxed, I was just trying to make an impact on these kids (tho I am grossed out by it)). One of the girls then calls the guy who was talking to my friend over. He got sheepish and ran back. Guess you gotta do what you gotta do.

We then went down the street to a place I’d eaten at outside with a friend a month or so ago. We actually ended up going inside to this super comfy loungy area in the back and it was a great time. I told them maybe we should make a night of going out and preaching to people standing in lines for clubs/bars. I suppose to mandate will be lifted soon anyway, but are plenty of other things we can impress upon them!

I do feel very blessed to have this group - we all think the same way about important things and we know whatever happens in the future we have each other to get through it with. We are even going to discuss a bug-out plan. I think having this might be more important than living in a “freer” state. Though I’m sure you can build something like this anywhere, it just takes some effort and sensibility. We got matching sweatshirts with our logo, which I love.

Oh, and the ranting friend brought out his friend that was in town from Detroit. A Russian DJ named Gary. I tell ya - the Russians ain’t so bad. Don’t listen to the media!