Got home last night after being away for almost two weeks in New England. It was actually fun to be there in the snow although it got super cold at night. Now I'm back in CA and the weather is really nice. It's very comfortable and feels more conducive to thriving. It felt so comforting being in my hometown driving around the familiar areas and seeing my friends - some I’ve known since middle school or even elementary.

I wish it wasn’t so far because I’m not ready to leave here yet. I’ve accomplished a lot and grown so much since I’ve lived here and I wonder if that’s possible elsewhere - I don’t see why it wouldn’t be but coming back here I feel motivated. Maybe that’s just because it’s home. I tend to adapt to wherever I am. I would really live anywhere if there was a situation that called for it. Also “SICKO MODE” by Travis Scott is a good song. It kicks in right at the 1 min mark.