Two Of my favorite liberty ladies Natalie and Cassi said that taking cold showers was very beneficial for you. So today I got off of work and then I walked home which it’s a pretty short walk maybe a little bit over mile and a half/just under 2 miles is really nice but it was a little hot today and it was cold this morning so wore warmish clothes then it got hot. Anyway I got home, I needed to wash the day off of me so I was like I’m gonna try the cold shower that Cassi and Natalie recommend it. It was horrible. Generally, I like my water to be at the temperature lava so I Started with the temperature warmer and then I figured I could decrease the amount of hot water slowly so it was in such a shock to my system. It was still a shock to my system. I was like shivering and as soon as I put my head under the water... like I tried the body first and then I put my head under the water and I was done.  so colddddddd